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As a lot of you know the site went down for several days. This was due to an outage with my old hosting provider. Long story short: a database server failed, and my website’s content went with it. Recovery from backups was attempted but failed.

I’m extremely pissed off about the situation, but long angry rants serve no one. My old hosting provider isn’t going to get my data back. I can vent, and it may make me feel better, but ultimately it’s very hard to express extreme frustration and still come off professional.

Bottom line: I had to rebuild this site from the ground up using content previously cached by Google. There were several new “pillar” content articles that weren’t yet indexed, as they’d only been published a day or two before the site went down. There are several “holes;” some articles that used to exist and have backlinks to this site no longer work. I’m sure Google indexed them, but I couldn’t find them when I needed them. Life goes on. Needless to say, I’ll be writing replacement content as fast as humanly possible.

While the site was being rebuilt, I picked a new theme, Writing, a clean and minimal theme. It’s well optimized for mobile and very responsive.

I strongly prefer to have a minimal and elegant design that puts written content first and isn’t loaded down with other things that distract everyone. Sure, there are social sharing options for the posts and things like that, but the site isn’t loaded down with bloat.

Also, the new hosting provider is a lot faster. Lesson re-learned: in addition to my hosting provider’s backups, I also schedule daily backups of my own as well.

Pardon my “dust” for the next few days.

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